Why America’s Veterans Make the Best Entrepreneurs

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Why America’s Veterans Make the Best Entrepreneurs The men and women who serve our country are some of the most trusted individuals in American society. Notably, 73% of citizens have confidence in the military, the highest rated institution in the U.S., according to this Gallup poll. The military serves our country with honor and distinction. […]

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Before Dementia Sets in, Your Body Will Give You These 7 Early Warning Signs

early signs of dementia

When people think of dementia, memory loss is often the first thing they associate with the condition. Some of dementia’s less obvious signs are just as common but may be mistakenly dismissed for “old age” or something else. However, the brain can be a tricky thing. The way mental changes manifest can differ from person to person, […]

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Home Care Facts

home care

HOME CARE -Care in the home is the most preferred, comfortable and economical way to receive care. When people are at home, they are in control and able to maintain a level of dignity not found in other care options. Even with advances in technology that enable high quality care, the opportunity to be cared […]

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